Prof. Davy Koech


Corporate Executive, International Scholar and Distinguished Professor; Immunology & Molecular Medicine. In the Service to Humanity.

Years Tried & Tested

Reimagining Science and Statecraft in Postcolonial Kenya

Stories from an African Scientist, 1st Edition

Denielle Elliott with Davy Kiprotich Koech


What I do

I Lecture on..

Fundamentals of Immunology, Transplantation Immunology, Immunology of Infectious Diseases, Immunotherapy, Immunogenetics, Epigenetics, Stress Management.

I Speak on..

Leadership, Ethics, Topical Issues on Education, Health, Innovation and Technology.

I Write on..

Infections Diseases, Health and Education, Research Methodology and Principles, Research Papers.

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Davy Kiprotich Koech is a consummate corporate executive and an international scholar who has been tried and time-tested for over three decades.

 Prof. Koech the Chief Executive of the Centre for Clinical & Molecular Sciences (CLIMS). The Centre is involved in cutting edge research into the better understanding of some of health challenges facing mankind and by doing so, the knowledge gained shall be shared among professionals and learners in the relevant fields. It shall also be utilized in providing better approach towards treatment and management of these conditions.

Prof. Koech is a Professor of Immunology & Molecular Medicine in a number of universities; and a Distinguished Professor at the Australian-Asian Institute of Civil Leadership.

Prof. Koech is a Chief Research Officer, founder member(1979) and the 3rd Director & Chief Executive of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), a position he held for a record 22 years (1989-2010), thus making him the longest-serving Chief Executive of a state corporation in the history of Kenya.

He has been a member(1985-90), the Vice-Chairman(1990-95) and the Chairman(1995-2003) of the Commission for Higher Education, Kenya; and the Vice-Chairman(1993-2003) of Council of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya. In addition, he is a visiting professor of Immunology and Molecular Medicine(1989-date) in a number of universities. Also, Prof. Koech was the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Education System of Kenya (1998-1999) that came up with a report titled Totally Integrated Quality Education and Training (TIQET) recommending major changes in Kenya’s education system.

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